Blueberry Backtrack

Fruited Hefeweizen

The year was 1993. Neon colors and fanny packs were the fashion. Grunge had finally become a commercial success. Yours truly, Palmetto Brewing Company, was founded. The 90s were totally radical, and so is our latest 843-Series seasonal release. Blueberry Backtrack starts with noticeable yeast-derived banana and clove notes and finishes refreshingly with a bright blueberry sweetness. Soft with minimal hop bitterness. Dig out that massive CD suitcase and dust off that CD burner. Just remember – those portable players only had 30 seconds of anti-skip.

Release Timeframe: March 19, 2021
  • ABV 5.5%
Malts: 2-row, White Wheat
Hops: Columbus, Mt. Hood
Other: Blueberries


Seasonal Mainstays, 6-month Rotation.
  • Skinny Can
  • Hard Seltzer
  • Seasonal
  • Mainstays
  • 843 Series
  • Retired